Temporary Employment

We offer qualified and committed staff, which supports you temporary, in peak periods of production, for staff shortage, new projects, or support with know/how.

You can benefit from professional know-how of external skilled workers to act flexible depending on market conditions

Our staff solutions:

  • High qualified engineers,
  • Technicians,
  • Skilled workers with several years of experience,
  • Commissioning specialists

Which brings performance and production efficiency according to your wishes!

We support you

We support you and your team with temporary employment solutions. Our employees will integrate into your organization to effectively support you in your upcoming tasks and projects.

Our Options

  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electrical installation
  • In-house installation
  • Maintenance
  • Service
  • Commissioning
Our Options


  • Electro technicians
  • Electro and programing engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Supervisor mechanic / electrics
  • Technicians for service and commissioning
  • PLC technicians
  • Safety experts

Your benefits

  • We handle the recruitment and bring you only the qualified personal
  • Only effective working hours count
  • Simplyfied office work
  • Maximum flexibility
Your benefits
Are you looking for qualified and committed staff, which supports you temporary?
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